Smile Makeovers in Schaumburg, IL

Smile Makeovers in Schaumburg, IL

We’ve helped hundreds of patients get the smiles they want and deserve. Looking for a dentist for smile makeovers in Schaumburg, IL, should not be done hastily. There’s a difference in the quality of work that comes with experience.

As a dentist, we’ve been working on teeth makeovers for a long time. We have plenty of experience. A smile makeover isn’t the name of a procedure. It’s a branch that includes multiple procedures aimed at repairing and perfecting smiles. Teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, dental bonding, and implants are some of the procedures that we can rely on in a dental makeover.

Options For Brighter Teeth

At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry, we perform teeth whitening procedures almost daily. These are procedures where we apply a bleaching gel to the patient’s teeth to remove stains. The amount of gel used is safe but effective. Patients with mildly stained teeth will respond best. Other options will need to be considered in patients with deeply stained teeth.

Dental veneers are great at hiding teeth and making them look better. These dental appliances are applied to the front surfaces of teeth. They don’t remove stains or fix damaged teeth. They just act as artificial shells that make teeth look great.

Options For Damaged And Missing Teeth

Damaged teeth can often be repaired using dental bonding. In dental bonding, we can use composite resin to fix broken, chipped, and cracked teeth. Dental bonding is also great at hiding large gaps between teeth. Patients with damaged teeth can also benefit from crowns. A crown covers the entire tooth and can make it look better, in addition to protecting it.

If you have one or more missing teeth, you don’t need to panic. Missing teeth can now be replaced using implants, dentures, and bridges. Our team will examine your oral cavity and tell you the possible options. We’ll also let you know what we think would work best for you. Adequate anesthesia and sedation will be used if necessary to ensure you’re comfortable before we start working.

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