Orthodontics in Schaumburg, IL

Orthodontics in Schaumburg, IL

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that treats improperly positioned teeth. It sounds like a fancy word, but orthodontics is an integral part of dentistry and something many people encounter. Orthodontic braces and similar appliances are put in place to straighten misaligned teeth. At our orthodontic clinic, our dental professionals can care for your orthodontic needs.

Need For Orthodontics

While some people may never need to visit an orthodontist their entire lives, a lot do. Teeth misalignments and similar abnormalities need orthodontic treatment. An overbite is when a person’s front teeth stick out compared to the lower teeth. An underbite is an opposite situation, where the lower teeth are the ones that are too forward.

Spacing and crowding are two other common problems we see here at our orthodontic care. There are too many gaps between a person’s teeth in spacing, while in crowding, there’s not enough space in the jawbone to accommodate all teeth comfortably.

Orthodontic treatments are important for several reasons. The first one that people think of is that they help our smiles look better and more organized. Cosmetics isn’t the only aim for orthodontics, though. Restoring the normal architecture of the mouth and teeth leads to better dental health. Additionally, crooked teeth are prone to developing dental caries compared to properly positioned ones.

Orthodontic Treatments

Braces are the most popular and most commonly used appliances. They’re fixed and are made of wires and orthodontic rubber bands or brackets. We understand that braces aren’t very appealing to people of all ages despite them being lighter and less irritating than previously. Other types of fixed appliances are fixed space maintainers and special fixed appliances.

Fortunately, we have removable devices and appliances at our disposal too. Aligners are considered the most popular. These are transparent appliances that are worn over teeth and can be taken off while eating and brushing. They’re not uncomfortable and are barely visible. Other removable appliances include splints, removable retainers, and lip and cheek bumpers, among other things.

Orthodontic treatments seem inconvenient and painful, but we do our best to guarantee our clients’ maximum comfort.

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