General Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL

General Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL

If you’ve ever wondered about what a general dentist is or what a general dentist is responsible for, you aren’t alone.

Fortunately, your dentist has your best interests at heart. The primary goal of all dentistry is to protect and preserve the oral health of our patients. At our general dental practice, we think transparency is an important part of providing quality dental care.

This article is a brief overview of general dentistry without going into the specifics of any one procedure. We’re proud to serve the Schaumburg, IL community, but if you aren’t close enough to be one of our patients, we’d still like to encourage you to find general dentistry services in Schaumburg, IL.

What Qualifies As General Dentistry?

This is one of the most common questions about dentists. Multiple degrees and training levels qualify someone to work in the dental industry, but that can create confusion if you don’t know which dentist can do what work.

In general, most general dentistry falls into one of these categories.

Preventive Care

Most dental services are considered preventive care. This category is things like your twice-yearly teeth, cleanings, sealants, and many other services. Some treatments are also preventive if the treatment addresses a current issue and prevents that issue from developing into something worse.

This is also the most important, and most overlooked, part of general cosmetic dentistry. Good preventive care, combined with good oral hygiene habits, can help prevent the bigger, more expensive oral health problems.

Restorative Care

This category is where your dentist is actively going in to treat a problem or repair damage. This can be as minor as a tooth filling.

Crowns, dental bridges, and root canals all fall under restorative care practice. This is when something has gone wrong, but your dentist works to correct the problem and protect your other teeth, your jaw, and your overall health.

General Health Treatment

Your oral and dental health can also have a major impact on your overall health. For instance, untreated oral infections can spread and cause symptoms and problems elsewhere in your body. Dentists watch for and treat issues that arise in your dental and oral health to prevent other health problems from developing.

This kind of treatment can be especially important for diabetes patients, who are pregnant, or who have other chronic health concerns.

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