Dental Fillings in Schaumburg, IL

Dental Fillings in Schaumburg, IL

Of all routine dental procedures, the one that most people fear is getting a cavity filled. Dental cavity fillings used to mean your dentist would use a drill to remove decay and then fill the tooth, which could be uncomfortable. Fortunately, advances in dentistry have taken out of the discomfort and allowed our dentist at Happy Smiles Family Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL, to provide their patients with a pain-free experience.

Where Did The Pain Go?

Our dentist no longer needs to use drills to remove decay from a tooth to fill it. Thanks to modern technology, our dentist now uses lasers to remove decay from teeth and teeth gap filling painlessly. Along with cutting through a tooth, these lasers can also remove soft tissues and bone without changing instruments.

The lasers can provide you with a pain-free experience because it uses CO2 to vaporize both the hard surfaces of teeth and the soft tissues within the tooth. Along with not needing sedation for most procedures, the laser is more precise than a drill, so less of the tooth requires removing when our dentist in Schaumburg, IL, cleans out the decay.

Root Canal Therapy

Along with filling cavities in teeth, the laser Dr. Aristodemo uses can do root canals as well. It can cut through hard enamel and into the pulp of the tooth to remove decay. Fortunately, with the laser, there is less bleeding while doing the most tooth filling procedures. As it cuts through soft tissue, it feathers the cut so that it reduces bleeding.

Less Noise At The Dentist’s

Many people who have dental anxiety can get triggered by the sound of the drill. However, by using a laser to fill cavities, the drill sound is absent since drills are no longer necessary to remove the tooth’s decay. Instead, the laser is noiseless, eliminating some of the anxiety of being in our dentists’ chair.

If you suspect you have a cavity, contact our office to have Dr. Aristodemo examine your teeth and repair them in a pain-free environment.

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