9 Important Facts About Dental Cleanings You Must Know!

9 Important Facts About Dental Cleanings You Must Know!

Dec 01, 2020

Regular dental exams and cleanings are important when it comes to preventive dentistry.  They play a vital role in keeping common dental issues at bay. Dental cleans and exams are a must for anyone who wants optimum dental health. They should be taken seriously in both pediatric and general dentistry.

Your teeth and gums depend on this practice for health and strength. Having healthy gums and teeth is important since your dental health affects your overall health.

Why Is It Necessary?

This practice has many befits. Through these exams, dentists can detect dental issues in their early stages and put you in treatment. Serious oral infections that are life-threatening can be kept at bay thanks to exams and cleanings. These are some of the reasons why our dentist in Schaumburg recommend exams and cleanings.

Prevents Gum Diseases

Plaque and tartar buildup account for gum disease in most patients. Professional cleaning is what we recommend to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup. You should regularly go for professional teeth cleaning to prevent gum infections. Gum diseases can cause more serious problems and affect your overall body health.

Helps Detect Oral Diseases

Many oral diseases end up, causing serious problems because they are not detected early enough. You won’t be able to detect most of these diseases on your own. This is because they don’t cause pain, and they have no visible signs. These are some of the oral diseases dental exams can help detect.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can cause death if not detected early. This oral disease doesn’t show any signs in its early stages. Only an experienced dentist in Schaumburgcan detect oral cancer during a dental exam.  Early diagnosis increases the chances of successful treatment. It is important to go for regular exams as your dentist can detect this disease earlier.

Gum Diseases

Detecting these diseases makes it easier to treat them.  These gum diseases can also cause tooth loss and affect your smile. Regularly visit your dentist for checkups and periodontal cleaning as we can detect gum diseases during these procedures.

Important For Your Overall Body Health

By examining your teeth, we can detect diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.  Going for regular exams and cleaning will help the dentist tell if you are healthy or not. If you are prone to developing cavities, the dentist may recommend a diabetes diagnosis.

Improves Your Smile

A healthy smile gives you the confidence and self-esteem you need. Visiting your dentist for exams and cleaning will keep dental issues that cause tooth loss at bay. This way, you will have healthy teeth and gums that are an essential part of a healthy smile.

What To Expect

The first thing that we do when you visit us is to take a look at your medical history. The dentist will ask you questions about your oral and overall body health. Our dentist will then take a keen look at your mouth, teeth, jaws and gums. We can also use x-ray machines for detecting any issues that can’t be detected by naked eyes.

The dentist will then proceed to a dental cleaning. Our dentist will start by removing tartar on your teeth. We will then polish your teeth and give you tips on maintaining proper oral hygiene.

How Often Should I Go For Exams and Cleanings?

The answer to this question will depend on several factors. You may need to visit the dentist more often if you have existing dental issues.  For people without existing dental problems, visiting your dentist twice a year is enough. Risk factors and periodontal diseases can have an effect on how often you visit your dentist.

It is also important to take your kids to a pediatric dentist for checkup and cleaning at an early age. This way, they will learn the importance of this procedure. It will also help them maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid most dental problems.

Generally, as a family, visiting the dentist once every three months helps to avoid any dental emergencies. If you have kids or elderly members, that might vary depending on their dental issues.

If you are looking for dental cleanings or a thorough dental exam, our dentists at aHappy Smiles Family Dentistry are here for you. Contact us today for a consultation. We are open this holiday season because we care for you.

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