What causes tooth discoloration?

The two main types of tooth discoloration are extrinsic (external or surface stains) and intrinsic (internal stains). Extrinsic stains affect the outside of the tooth and can be attributed to anything that comes into contact with the tooth’s surface: red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco products or darkly colored foods. Intrinsic stains discolor a tooth from within, and they usually reflect the condition of the tooth. Intrinsic staining is commonly caused by invasive dental treatment, exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride (Fluorosis) and certain antibiotics.

How well your teeth will react to whitening depends largely upon the type and degree of discoloration. Severely discolored teeth often benefit from veneers or cosmetic bonding. One of our highly-skilled Schaumburg dentists can determine which type of stains you have and which treatments will work best for you.