My teeth are killing me, but I can’t really tell where the pain is coming from.

Believe it or not, you could have a sinus infection. Recently, direct connections have been made between sinus infections and impacted or severely decayed teeth. Sinus infections can also occur as a result of intensive dental work and cracked or damaged restorations. Pain in the sinuses can mimic the sensation of a toothache (or actually cause one) because of the proximity between the two.

If you’re experiencing chronic sinus pain with a general, unidentifiable toothache, ask one of our Schaumburg dentists to take a look. A regular checkup and a series of X-rays should be enough to determine a tooth-related cause, but if they don’t, your dentist can also perform a “percussion test,” during which he or she gently taps on individual teeth to discover the source of your discomfort. After all, when deciding on a treatment plan, it’s helpful to know whether it’s a toothache or just your nose playing tricks on you.