General & Preventive Dental Treatments

  • Routine Dental Cleanings & Individual Exams
  • Digital X-rays (Less Radiation)
  • Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatments
  • Custom Athletic Mouthguards
  • Oral Cancer Screenings

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Happy Smiles Family Dentistry in Schaumburg Illinois we use the latest, state-of-the-art technology to aid in your dental care and treatment. We have invested in the following techniques and technologies to better serve you and as a result we can offer pain-free dental care. Learn more about these technologies below.


Digital X-rays & Panoramic X-rays

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are a fast and comfortable tool we use at our Schaumburg dentistry practice to assess your oral health. They emit less radiation than conventional x-rays, use small, comfortable sensors instead of sharp pieces of x-ray film and transmit the images directly to our computer screen in seconds.

We also have digital panoramic X-rays, which help us visualize your entire mouth instead of isolating selected areas. This full view is especially helpful in complex full-mouth restorations and in orthodontic treatment planning. We also use digital X-rays and panoramic x-rays during routine oral cancer screenings, because they allow our doctors to see possible tumors and abscesses that can go unnoticed during a visual exam.

Intraoral Camera

With the intraoral camera, you see exactly what we see in your mouth. We use this camera to guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options, keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

Soft Tissue Laser

Our minimally invasive soft tissue laser can be used in a variety of applications, from correcting a gummy smile to reducing the recovery time for deep cleanings, root canals and other soft tissue treatments. Laser therapy can even help shorten the duration and lessen the severity of canker sores and cold sores.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide creates a sense of well-being and giddiness when inhaled, which is how it earned the nickname “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide can make dental visits less intimidating for patients of all ages who experience anxiety about treatment.

  • Nitrous oxide is one of the safest anti-anxiety agents used in dentistry.
  • Administering nitrous oxide requires no more than a mask over the nose, which makes it an excellent option for children and for individuals who feel nervous about needles.
  • You’ll feel calm and relaxed almost immediately, but the effects are short-lived and can be completely reversed by breathing pure oxygen for a couple of minutes.

Practically Painless Injections

Did you know that most of the discomfort associated with numbing shots is actually caused by the rate of injection? The Wand, also known as CompuDent®, is a computer-controlled injection device that provides a steady flow of anesthesia, guaranteeing a slower, more comfortable numbing process every time. Best of all, The Wand looks and is even held like a ball-point pen—no sharp syringes in sight!

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

When it comes to oral cancer, early detection is key. Regular oral cancer screenings are an effective way to discover oral cancer at an early, highly curable stage. Our Schaumburg dentists screen for oral cancer during every check-up.

After conducting a thorough visual examination, we will use the handheld VELscope device to shine a blue light into your mouth and examine the tissues through a special eyepiece. This technology takes advantage of your mouth’s natural fluorescence, which is normally invisible, to indicate changes in the color or the structure of your oral tissues that might be indicative of abnormal cells. Digital X-rays also aid in the detection of oral cancer by enabling our dentists to see possible tumors and other problems associated with the jaw.

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